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Australia is a land of legend, full of myths and dreams and forms the largest island in the world. It is an “island continent” and a country of excess, offering striking contrasts in its landscapes that include ultra-modern megacities and outback wilderness where a pioneering spirit prevails.

Christophe Vissant has had this dream from a very young age.

“I have travelled a lot in the world, but every time I wanted to go to Australia, I failed and I didn’t want to join a monotonously organized tour for fear, not surprisingly, of being disappointed. Running there is a unique opportunity to discover this continent, its people, its culture, its wildlife and its vegetation.”

You can follow the race day by day via the website and on social media, via a drone that uses the latest technology. It provides exceptional images so you can discover the infinite wonders of this amazing setting combining the uniqueness of this continent’s beauty with the mysteries of its immense size.


This runner’s spirit for adventure will take him from the Sydney Opera House to Melbourne and Adelaide across the long Nullarbor Plain to Perth. He will then head to the Northern Territory, Darwin and finally to Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. He’ll reach the finish back at the foot of the Sydney Opera House 6 months later.

Lasting 180 days and 180 nights over approximately 15,500 km. Depending on weather conditions, this distance will be covered at a speed that can vary from 8 to 10 km/hour, from 10 to 12 hours running per day.

The route – The circuit is as follows:

Starting point: Sydney Opera House, New South Wales, Australia

Finishing point: Estimated as 6 months later to finish at the foot of the Sydney Opera House, New South Wales, Australia

6 territories to cross: New South Wales –
South Australia – Western Australia – Queensland –
Northern Territory – Victoria

Distance: The circuit is estimated at between 15,000
and 15,500 kilometres.


Running around Australia is not only a personal challenge for Christophe Vissant. It’s also the shared goal for his motivated, professional and united team: a winning combination for the runner!

The team and all the equipment necessary for this challenge to succeed will travel in a motorhome and a van. The first vehicle “will open up the route” for Christophe Vissant. Then both vehicles will travel along with the runner to constantly keep an eye on him. They will always stay with the runner and ensure he is well fuelled.

The motorhome will carry all his personal belongings, medical supplies, most of the food as well as the film crew when filming and water and fuel supplies. It will move on depending on the course of events.

This second motorhome vehicle will be managed by Christophe’s wife (Marie Pierre). She is also in charge of communications and is the point of contact between Christophe, his partners and the media. This lead vehicle will manage the entire expedition and the stop off points. It will scout out the best locations to make camp. It will carry heavy equipment, have a generator and satellite phone and a large set of equipment and supplies.

The team will take advantage of comfortable hotel accommodation wherever possible. Sleeping will be under canvas and in the motorhome.

Each person’s role: Everyone will have a specific role and everyone will be at Christophe’s side so all he has to think about is running.

The team are made up of:

1 expedition leader who will manage the team and all organization


1 physiotherapist

1 logistics manager responsible for communications

1 press relations journalist also responsible for writing Christophe’s biography and organizing conferences on his return. But there will also be a team in place in France, the KANGOUROUGE marketing agency and a webmaster to manage the website, press relations, etc.


The road will be long and this tour of Australia will not pass by without some surprises along the way. With strength in his legs, he should run at a pace of 84 km (2 marathons) per day with no rest days, running tirelessly to achieve his goal

RUNNING this tour of Australia crossing through 6 major cities across the country.

Always setting off from the point where the previous stage finishes the day before

With no rest days until he reaches the finish!

The pace will not be fixed. The runner can run, walk and rest for as long as he wishes at each stage.

Whether it’s windy, raining or snowing, whether suffering in pain or sick, whatever happens, he must run every day.

The minimum distance to be covered each day cannot be less than 30% of the average distance covered each day (84 km) with no rest day. At least 50 km a day with the knowledge that he will then catch up on the average distance but not drop below the minimum of 50 km per day.